Network Evaluation

Understand Your Infrastructure 


Network Evaluation

Your network is the information highway of your business. Whether transporting data across the office, the state or the world, your company relies on its network to deliver information internally and externally. Network inefficiencies, vulnerabilities and reliability issues not only can prevent your data from moving effectively, but can also place your business at risk of losing its most important asset.

Tech Partners Hawaii’s Network Evaluation Service can help you better understand the interactions of infrastructure components and can provide critical input into network capacity planning and strategic design decisions.


Identify Problems

The Network Evaluation identifies any problem areas within the network and provides a set of recommendations for improving the network to better meet the needs of your business.


Optimize Performance

An optimized network infrastructure results in increased system availability and performance of your critical business systems, giving you a competitive edge.


Plan For The Future

The findings and recommendations provide an impartial analysis of whether the existing infrastructure will meet future networking and business requirements.


Design, Implementation, Tune-Up

From tune-ups to designs to implementations, Tech Partners Hawaii has the tools and skills to create high performance networks you can count on. Tech Partners Hawaii is a Microsoft Certified Partner and one of Hawaii’s most respected IT service providers. We have a wide range of experience gained from designing and implementing networks over the course of 8 years. Our Network Evaluation Service offers:


Network Mapping and Documentation

Our engineers will document the topology and current state of the networking infrastructure. Included is a detailed network map showing hubs, switches, and routers that make up the distributed IT environment.


Network Traffic Assessment

Using sophisticated data collection and analysis tools, our engineers will perform a thorough assessment of your network traffic. Reviewing the network for evidence of instability involves:

  • Monitoring for errors during peak load periods.
  • Assessing network availability during peak load periods.
  • Documenting occurrences of intermittent slow response.

Server Performance Assessment

We’ll provide you with baseline performance data and recommendations to help you maximize performance and address capacity planning issues that come with upgrading and changing your infrastructure.

Report & Recommendations

A detailed written report presents the data collected during the network evaluation. The report describes current operating conditions within the network infrastructure that may affect availability, reliability and security and includes recommendations for improvement.